The Denali is an Online Arts and Literature Publication of Lane Community College located in Eugene, Oregon.

We have been publishing artwork from Lane’s residents since 1971 and we strive to keep giving this opportunity to new—or established—artists and share their work. The Denali proudly encourages students to submit any and all their works. Art types are welcome but not limited to:

short stories, prose, excerpts from novels/plays, music, scores, poetry, ceramics, woodworking, photography, digital painting, graphic design, jewelry, paintings, mixed media, character design, fashion design, animated short films, videography, poetry readings, music videos


A word from the editor…
Over the course of the last four terms, we have delved into topics which embrace the cyclical nature of life, how we as humans understand and process the world around us, our impact on that world and how it impacts us in turn. Beginning during the pandemic with the theme of “Sustainability,” followed by “Cope,” then “Transience,” and finally last term’s theme: “Decomposition.”
Embracing these emotional  —and somewhat dark —  topics has provided an outlet for the artists of LCC during turbulent times. As we all grappled with adjusting to the inevitable and the unpredictable changes of existence, the Denali set out to showcase how our students have communicated their experiences artistically during this last year. Bringing us to our current theme for Winter 2023:  possibility.
While change is inevitable, what we choose to do in accordance with change is limitless. As organic matter decomposes, it becomes essential nutrition to other organisms at the base of our ecosystems, creating the possibility for new life. Although we all experience loss and hardship, what we take from these moments can create possibilities never before imagined. The works selected for publication this term are representative of this concept of the vast possibilities in life. From the succinct to the abstract, each is something we at the Denali felt showcased this idea in some form or another. It is our pleasure to present you with the Winter 2023 Issue, we hope that you enjoy the works presented as much as we have enjoyed publishing them.
Thank you to all of the wonderful artists who submitted their work for consideration this term. 
-Katelynn Burnett

Denali Arts & Literature Publication 


Cover Image - Canal-Side Dreamscape - By Amelia Mau
pos·si·bil·i·ty – a thing that may happen or be the case. the state or fact of being likely or possible; likelihood. a thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives.
As the author Thomas Merton once wrote,
“You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.”

Recent Publications

Fall 2022 - Decomposition

Pastel Phrases - By Stephanie Walen

Spring 2022 -Transience

By Solomon Batenhorst

Creator Spotlight: Bob De Vine

The Denali is proud to present “Maps and Hieroglyphs – NTS I-VII,” a new series of paintings by artist and professor Bob De Vine. The series deals with the consequences of America’s nuclear testing. In our first video Spotlight Interview, Bob shows us the series and talks about its inspiration at his studio in Eugene. Bob also discusses how he coped with the COVID pandemic as a professor and how that has impacted this series. We hope you enjoy!

Read our most recent spotlight interviews!

Creator Spotlight–Susan Detroy

Susan Detroy is a visual artist, mobile photographer, printmaker, and filmmaker in Eugene, Oregon. Her series “Portrait of a Woman” is published in our Spring 2021 issue, and Susan’s other works have been featured in galleries around Oregon and the world.

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Creator Spotlight–Jessica Spring

Jessica Spring is a letterpress printer whose work “Hate Corrodes The Vessels In Which It Is Stored” appeared recently at the Lane Art Gallery. She is the proprietor of letterpress business Springtide Press, collaborator on the Dead Feminists project, and has work featured in the collections of esteemed institutions across the U.S.

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Fall 2021

Valuable Secret
BY Owen Summersett

Fall 2021

Bird bath refill
BY Mireille Blond

Fall 2021

BY Mireille Blond

WInter 2021

Future Reflections
BY Margaret Giddens

FALL 2020

Orange Sunset
By Kailey Slocum

Spring 2020

Object Light Project #10
By John Adair

WInter 2021


I thought I’d made it through the storm.
That we clashed, and went our separate ways,
As far away from each other as the world would allow.
But the storm did not move.
While I sailed, it stood raging,
The eye was far wider than I let myself believe.
Now the storm sifts through the wreckage,


Fall 2020

The Little Writer
By a.a. swan

my thoughts sometimes skip
like the walkman on my
carsick childhood road trip lap
suffocating in the back of a truck
little sisters pressed against both thighs
a rock hits our window like a brick
enunciating the sound of the uncertain
i’m not mumbling just masked


Dear Reader

If I could make music out of these words I would be achieving all I’ve dreamed of

The pulsing rhythm of an iambic pentameter acting as a kick drum

Making you feel the vibrations in your chest…

WInter 2021

child sitting on campus
BY Yair maoz

Fall 2020

Blood Madrone

Spring 2020

By Joseph Lieberman

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