Daniel was born in Portland, Oregon as the first generation of his family to be born in the United States. Exploring South America, Europe, and the States surveying the characteristics of society, people, objects, and their relations between each other. With this in mind he creates objects and pieces that embody these ideas. Making one question or reflect their own stance within a given space or realm of thought. I am highly intrigued by art and sculpture and how it can engage people within a physical space. The way in which we react and interact with objects is affected by their placement, use and relation within a given environment. When these factors become intentionally altered or directed there then becomes room for exploration. This space of analysis comes from our interest in putting together a context or meaning. When a direct narrative isn’t visible we apply ourselves into the remaining space, creating a connection. I believe the mass production of objects diminishes our personal relationship with them and their functionality for the individual, and within this is why art has such an intrinsic value. 

 Instagram: @ciochina.art.design

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