Autumn Fairy | By Samuel Daubenspeck

I currently work next door to my fathers company, as a full time artist and art major in the thick Oregon woods. I hope to make things like concept art, 3D modeling, and making flashy graphic particles with hopes of transferring to the university of Oregon. I create art every day, as much as I can currently in lockdown and have a very fashionable Wrist Split currently. I had created this other painting over the past week, but felt nervous that I would be signing my name to something less than lack luster. You can follow my personal progress, view my stores online, on my instagram account @Frog_Material, as I enjoy engaging as much as possible with other artists, as the next inspiration and trend is just a click away. Please enjoy this piece and let it speak to you as it did with me. This is my first time submitting anything to anywhere and I had an absolute blast. Thank you all.

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4 thoughts on “Autumn Fairy | By Samuel Daubenspeck”

  1. Your imagery is beautiful and stirs questions of mystery and magic that is only available to those truly listening. Thank you for sharing what might be possible if you look hard enough.

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