Benny was a tiger

Who lived near a stream

And then one random day

He had a funny dream

The birds began to swim

And the snakes began to run

So Benny was confused

But he was kinda having fun

He went and climbed a tree

And made friends with the fish

They served him good food

On a pretty glass dish

But Benny was getting tired

He wanted to go home

So the fish said goodbye

And gifted him a gnome

Benny climbed back up

Into his cozy tree

He fell fast asleep

While listening to the bees

He woke up the next day

With the sun shining bright

He rolled over and thought

Something was not right

The fish had returned

Back home to the water

The birds in their nests

Were definitely not otters

Everything was back

To the way it was before

But Benny the tiger

Thought that normal was a bore

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