Bright Spots


Every night has its stars.
Every storm has its calm.
Every dark has its bright.

He is a bright spot.
With his arms so warm.
His words so sweet.
Him, so comforting.

His night is cold.
His storm is vicious.
His dark is numbing.

But he has his bright spots.

The way he smiles when he looks at me.
The way he holds me when we cuddle.
The way he kisses me during the romantic ending of a movie.

He is night.
He is storm.
He is dark.

But through it all, he cares.
He loves me.
He is my bright spot.

Phoenix is a 20 year old nonbinary writer and student at Lane. They experienced an incredibly physically and emotionally abusive relationship at 14, which ended up being a catalyst for their previously undiagnosed mental illnesses. They’ve since gone to therapy and come very far from who they were at the time, having moved cities and made a lot of progress on themself in and out of therapy.

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