Credits – Fall 2020

Thank you for being here to support The Denali’s Fall 2020 publication. As a team, we hope to create a safe and creative space for you to come to enjoy new works of art and literature and escape from the chaotic world for a glimpse in time. 

The Editorial Board:

Hailey Fisher is a young and aspiring artist on her way to a graphic design degree through Lane Community College. She is honored to be The Denali’s Editor-In-Chief this year and work with this superb team. During her off time, she enjoys creating in various forms, often painting, with a cat nearby, or tracking a roommate down to play a game or two. 

Abigail Pearson (They/She) is a 25-year-old queer writer of novels and poetry. Most recently they have published a poetry collection titled Maybe (Not) Her, which explores themes of bisexuality and polyamory. Other works by Abigail have been published in Pussy Magazine and Moonchild Magazine. You can find them on Twitter @whimsywriter3

Mira Mason-Reader is a writer, dancer, and general maker of things. She works at Lane Community College as the Strategic Operations Manager for Finance & Administration, and in her free time runs an online literary magazine, Apricity Press ( Mira holds a BA in English and Dance from Mills College, and an MA in Creative Writing from University College Cork.

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