If I could make music out of these words I would be achieving all I’ve dreamed of

The pulsing rhythm of an iambic pentameter acting as a kick drum

Making you feel the vibrations in your chest

But I can’t turn this one into an organized and pleasantly rhythmed 3 and a half minute song because when you write down your stream of consciousness often times instead of a Taylor Swift song

You get a roaring river that splashes and erodes the sides of your skull with the strength and force of its currents

The difference between an electric guitar riff in the middle of the song and this line right here

Is I can’t make you dance

Overwhelmed with the feeling of those waves coursing through your body

Words and music go hand in hand but the feelings I get from music can only be explained as love each and every time

It would take on hell of a powerful poem to give me wings for 3 and a half minutes

And the permission to fall in love

But that is what I want to do with these pages

I want the ink to jump off of the page and caress the your cheek

Taking all of your problems for a few moments and melting them into a puddle of meaningless doubts and worries

I want you to know that even though we haven’t met yet

I understand 

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