By Taylor Kaye Nielsen

Devour: eat (food or prey) hungirly or quickly
: (of fire or a similar force) destroy completely 

I am used to being the similar force
And therefore never expected to be consumed
To be eaten up ravenously 
To be devoured by you 
But I crawled into your throat 
And begged to be swallowed
I just wanted to be inside of you
I am destroyed completely
By your vegan punk anarchist to die for smile
And your sleepy eyed rants about the fermi paradox
My astrophysicist boy, blasting, burning, bright
You drench me in intimacy and perspective
And now I feel guilty for snuffing out the lives
 Of the ants in my bathroom

“I’m just like all the other wonderful girls in this world, going through hard shit every day. But I’m still here, and I’m still writing, and that is something.”
– Taylor

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