My name is Joshua Rodriguez studying Graphic Design at LCC, and when I am not busy with work (I work two-three jobs depending on the time of the year), or school I need a way to escape. This last fall term was probably the worst mentally for me that I’ve ever experienced as additionally to what I normally struggle with I lost several family members. This made me look into myself and really learn how to “cope” with my feelings while also trying to better myself for the future. It wasn’t easy and it came down to the wire, I had to drop a class, but I got everything in on time and I passed my remaining classes. Learning to cope with my feelings meant I had to escape my current environment and find somewhere which I could feel comfortable again. That is here on the Oregon coast, or up in the woods on a hiking trail; separated from the world only with myself or the closest people to me.

Instagram: @omegas_og

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