Healthcare Culture Jam

By Sam Hekker

My name is Sam Hekker, I am first year student at Lane community college and working in the graphic arts program. I am fairly new to the graphic design world, I have many skills to improve upon but am currently loving the process of learning new material and am excited to grow in the arts/design world. This year has been my first year working with adobe, I am primarily working with photoshop and illustrator learning all the various strategies that can be utilized. I enjoy creating simplistic yet creative designs, one of my pieces I’ve attached is based off a culture jam concept, for my topic I chose healthcare. The idea behind a culture jam is to take an iconic symbol or concept, and expose the methods used that take advantage of certain groups of people. My second piece is an advertisement from the Art Deco era during the early 20th century. This design was heavily influenced by AM Cassandre, who was a famous French designer that created magnificent poster ads that were based off machine products. I wanted to create an ad that was reminiscent of Cassandra’s works, what I came up with was an airline was ad. The captions are written in French that translates to “Fly by Nature” and “Commercial Flights”

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