How did we become numb to this?

Checking the news doesn’t scare us anymore

1 dead, 2 dead, 3 dead, 4.

That’s someone’s child.

Now that I think about it, saying that won’t help

We forget about dead kids, too.

Stoneman, Sandy Hook, Red Lake,

Parkland, West Nickel, Columbine.

They plaster the names of the shooters all over the place,

But where are the victims?

Nameless, faceless, numbers in a body count

Like they’re playing a video game, who has the high score?

We used to be shocked, now it’s just

Oh look. It happened again.

Who’s next? Who knows.

Our airports are more secure than our future.

Back to school shootings, bulletproof backpacks.

We’re playing roulette with the next generation.

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