Growing stack of unpayable bills,

But still afford more sedative pills,

A self-assured wrong-way car,

Careens from the local bar,

An artery-clogged heart skips a beat,

Only a slice of delicate meat,

Instinctual desires feed,

Stalked by a desperate need,

The old lion’s blind carnivore eyes,

Dull canines sunk into zebra thighs,

Burgeon moment of crisis,

Synthetic market prices, 

Future disaster ever pending,

Swift hands irresponsible lending,

Unneeded ability,

Downward is mobility,

Executives feel no need to think,

Into sadness the laborers sink,

Assured it is a mere dream,

Hand over a muffled scream,

Neighbors should have heard the shrill blood cries,

How and time of night the victim dies,

Homicide detectives ask,

Given their new gruesome task,

Burden on a convict’s furrowed brow,

Verdict of dying judgement is now.

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