We’ve compiled a list of choice creative exhibits and events to check out this November! Stay safe and remember to check COVID-19 restrictions before you go.

Downtown Springfield 2nd Friday Art Walk!

  • Where: Emerald Art Center 
  • When: 11/12/2021 (Friday) 5PM-7:30PM
  • Description: Art, Live Music, & Refreshments! Visit Downtown Springfield on Nov. 12th for the 2nd Friday Art Walk, presented by the Emerald Art Center Meet with local artists and stroll through art installations.
  • Website: Downtown Springfield 2nd Friday Art Walk! | Nov 12 | Eugene Weekly

Studio 7 Art Exhibit 

Little Wonders Online

  • Where: Online (hosted by the Museum of Natural and Cultural History)
  • When: Beginning 11/19/2021-Friday  (Kit pickup begins 11/17/2021-Wednesday)
  • Description: Available on our website beginning November 19
  • Kits available for pickup starting Wednesday, November 17
  •  Preschoolers and their adults can join us online for our popular Little Wonders program, featuring stories, hands-on activities, and more. This month is all about things with wings! From birds to bugs to bats, discover flying animals living all around us. 
  • Website: Little Wonders Online | Museum of Natural and Cultural History (uoregon.edu)

Small Treasures: Mezzotints by Hamanishi Katsunori / Etchings by Tanaka Ryohei

Siri Vik: Save For Later 

  • Where: 868 High Street, Eugene OR
  • When: 11/19/2021 (Friday) – 11/21/2021 (Sunday) 7:30PM-9:30 PM All nights.
  • Description: “My projects in partnership with The Shedd have nearly all been built upon a theme, a narrative arc — whether that be a kind of retrospective biography or, around a central idea. There’s a beautiful structure and grounding to this approach. I like the sense of story of my past Shedd shows. I got curious, nevertheless, about how it would feel to perform a set of music not tethered to a set narrative. How about performing music that I love but that for whatever reason remain un-sung, and in a file folder in my piano bench, marked “for future.” That is essentially this November’s show, Save For Later. Our set list is a high contrast mix of old, dear favorites and not-so-guilty pleasures. Opera, art song, gospel, blues, Broadway, jazz, Weill & Brecht, French chanson, Brazilian, Spanish, movie soundtracks of my youth, and classic and contemporary pop. At first glance, it’s a crazy funhouse collection from the ridiculous to the, if I dare say, sublime.” -Siri Vik
  • Website: Save For Later – Fri, Nov 19, 2021 – The Shedd Institute
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