Spring 2022 Theme: Transience
Thank you to all the artists and writers who submitted your work!

Transience: “The state or fact of lasting only for a short time.” Change defines the human experience, producing transience in almost every area of our lives. We perceive transience in the things that once were, but are no longer, like the friends of a bygone era. We perceive it in things that cannot last, like an 8-month-old’s fascination with peek-a-boo as they begin to develop object permanence. We perceive it in things that may be, and which we know we must cherish as time and change are continually flowing.

Transience is a theme in an incredible diversity of artwork, music, film, and literature. From Monet’s snapshots of fleeting dawn and dusk light in his “Haystacks” series to the hit film Coco’s consideration of the transitory nature of our time among the living.  Heraclites’s proverb “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man” captures the essence of this concept. How does your art interact with, utilize, or depict transience?

The Denali arts and literature online publication at LCC wants to publish your work! This is our 50th year anniversary of publishing student art and literature, and the tradition continues.

If you enjoy creating in mediums such as photography, painting, writing, ceramics, sculpting, videography, animation, and more, then this could be your opportunity to get your work published!

From Monet's "Haystacks." Public Domain

Submission File Details

FILES 2MB OR BELOW (YouTube videos may be any size)

Maximum of 5 sumissions per person

If you are not able to photograph your work contact the Denali to set up an arrangement with a photographer.

Accepted file types :


.pdf, .doc, .docx


.mp3, .m4a, .ogg


YouTube URL (preferred) or .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mpg, .ogv


.jpeg, .png, .gif

Word Count:

Works should not exceed 3,000 words

Visual Art:

72 ppi with at least 1000 px on one side 

Publication Rights

I assure all works I have submitted are my own original pieces, and I authorize the Denali to publish my submitted work, should it be accepted by the editorial board. 
I understand the Denali editing staff reserves editorial control of all material submitted and protects all rights. Edits will be minimal and applied only if necessary, pertaining to website layout needs, fonts, etc. Students will be contacted about any edits the staff chooses to make and the student reserves the right to pull material if they disagree with the editorial changes.
The Denali Literature and Arts Magazine acquires First North American Serial Rights and online publication rights of material selected for publication; authors and artists retain all other rights to the material.
Arooj Chaudhry
Skinners Butte Rainbow by Jacob

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can submit?
A: Denali accepts any submissions from persons living in Lane County that have been, or are currently, students of Lane Community College. All submitted pieces must be the artist’s original work.
Q: When can I submit?
A: Submissions are accepted at any time, however submissions must be turned in by the deadline to be considered for publication in that issue.
Q: What can I submit?
A: Denali considers all original works of art and literature regardless of medium, style, or subject matter. This includes poetry and short stories of up to 2000 words, photography, etchings, prints, paintings, drawings, photo manipulation, and now accepting audio and video files with our new online format.
Q: How do I submit?
A: Complete our online Denali Magazine submission Form.
Q: Does submission guarantee publication?
A: No, it doesn’t. All works submitted are reviewed by an Editorial Board of students, the editor, and advisors. The Editorial Board evaluates the works on matters of style, substance, voice, and creativity.
Q: Does this mean that Denali will own my work?
A: Absolutely not; all applicable copyrights will be retained by the author or creator of works that are submitted and/or published. Denali receives one-time publishing rights only for any piece selected by the Editorial Board.