My name is Jack Beymer. I’m 20 years old, and I am currently studying to be an audio engineering major at Lane. This piece is my first entry into mixed media. I am still relatively new to the concept of making and recording electronic music, as up until the beginning of the pandemic, I was well on my way to becoming a Music ED Major. But having to transition into a remote environment locked me away from live music. That was all I knew how to do. So over the year I took away from school, I decided that this was the best way to fill the void.  I ended up teaching myself the basics about how to record myself, and eventually, how to record both video and audio at the same time.

So this piece was originally my submission to the “Musique concrète” project for MUS118. Musique concrète is a form of electronic music that involved real world sounds; perhaps wind noise, people talking, it could be anything. What I decided to do with it was find a time that I was going to be the only one home, then strap a microphone and a camera to be and run around the house banging as many things together as possible. The result was about 30 minutes of uncut footage that I had to figure out what to do with. So I ended up finding a bunch of little snippets of these videos and cut them down to the point that they functioned as drums. And being a sax player, I ended up adding that on top. 82 tracks later and here we are.

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