A Citlalmina Xochitl Rios is a poet, photographer, and printmaker living in Eugene, Oregon. She is currently an art major at Lane Community College, in fall 2021 she will be attending College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan.

She can be found on Instagram @citlalminaxrios

Her website is www.acxrios.com

1 What was your artistic process behind making the piece(s) you submitted?

When I’m taking photos, I take a look around to see what catches my eye. What about the moment that gives me a feeling or an emotional reaction. If it’s out in public I try to read the peoples faces, their eyes, body posture, and if speaking, if their words match their eyes.

2 What were you feeling especially grateful for at this point in your life?

At this time, I was feeling grateful for witnessing love on many levels.

3 What helps you feel inspired to create again when you go through a creative drought and feel unmotivated?

Music, always music. Music keeps me going and engaged. When in a creative rut, I’ll often listen to interviews with musicians about their music and where they were during that point in their life. Also, sometimes loss and heartbreak can bring me out of a creative slump, but even then music is in the mix.

4 Can we look forward to more work from you in the future?

Yes, you can. Right now I’m working on a king term project, and exploring new environments.

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